For the past few days I’ve been noticing the internal monologue going in my mind. Constantly. It flits from one thing to the next, mostly without any discernible logic in progression.

In the moments I’ve been conscious of it, it has become an internal dialog. A running commentary interrupts the monologue. And, logically, there’s at least a third me in there observing all of this.

From what I can tell, this internal monologue is pretty normal. Other people tell me they have it, too. So I’m not alarmed, even if maybe I should be.

I never took a psychology course. I think I’m experiencing what they call the ego observing the back and forth between the id and the super-ego. If so, I’m a textbook case.

To which my internal monologue says, “It figures.”

And my internal commentator says, “Now wait a minute!”

And you, dear reader, are now my ego.

Scary isn’t it!