Silas has been going through a Star Wars phase.

That’s not unusual. Most kids probably do.

He’s discovered, thanks to the glorious internet, Youtube videos of lightsaber battles. There are hundreds of them.

Here’s my favorite. Jedi Grandma.

We used to have lightsaber battles when I was a kid.

But we didn’t have video cameras. And we didn’t have FX software to make the lightsabers actually glow.

He wants to make his own glowing lightsaber video now.

I’ve looked into it.

The glowing light saber effect has to be painted in on every frame of the video. The standard frame rate for online video is 30 frames per second. Painting glow effects on that many frames is pretty labor intensive. If you can paint a frame every 10 seconds it’ll take five minutes for each second of the video.

Some sites suggest that you can lower the frame rate to 12 per second and still have a reasonably smooth video. If you ask me, the 12 per second frame rates look like choppy slow motion.

It’s just a matter of time before we do one.

It’s going to be short.