Today is a holiday for a lot of people, in observation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday (which was actually last Friday, January 15). If you have the day off, in observation of the day, spend a moment listening to the man himself. You’ll be glad you did.

On November 4, 1956 Dr. King preached a sermon at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church entitled Paul’s Letter to the American Christians. Even if you don’t count yourself among the Christians — and even if you don’t count yourself among the Americans, for that matter — it’s worth your 30 minutes to listen to it, or less than that to read it. The relevance of King’s words to people beyond the church and beyond the borders of his nation are what makes his memory worthy of marking his day.

As you listen to Dr. King, you can read along with with Paul’s Letter to the American Christians here (opens in a new tab).