My dear friend   Caspar Green,
What is the mood is like? Because Mrs Monica Jose is worried for not hearing from you again, May i know the reason of your silent?

Thanks hoping to hear from you urgently.

Ms Elsa  Karlsson)

Dear Elsa Karlsson,

Apparently, the letter I sent on Friday afternoon has been lost. Indeed, I had been wondering if My Dearest Monica had taken a turn for the worse when I did not hear back from you earlier. But I am much relieved to hear from you now that she is alright.

Please tell My Dearest Monica not to worry, and instead to read Matthew 6:34.

As for my previous letter, it is not important in light of these developments, or lack of developments as the case may be.

Yours, with many urges as well,

(Envelopes photo by Liam Truong on Unsplash)