With a new job comes a new learning curve. This one is pretty steep.

By Friday night I was exhausted. I slept in until 9:30 Saturday. And not because I’d been staying up late.

Steep learning curves are hard. It’s a long slog. You feel like you don’t know anything because, by definition, you don’t — yet. And feeling in the dark is never easy.

But then again, I wanted this. I signed up for this because it was going to demand that I learn things I wouldn’t otherwise even have the opportunity to know existed. I knew it was going to be a challenge. (I think the guys that hired me, Syed and Thomas, knew it would be a challenge, too.)

So it’s all good. Even though the steepest learning curves I’ve been on have been the hardest, they’ve been the ones that have paid off the most. And curiously enough, that’s been the case even when the particulars of any given project haven’t turned out the way I’d expected or hoped.