As of 11:30 am, we have a fifth grader.

Only we have the fifth grader at home for 10 weeks before he actually goes to fifth grade.

The last day of school isn’t really a school day. Never has been. Instead it’s “Talent Show Day.”

Silas and his friend volunteered last week to play Morning Has Broken as a piano duet.

The friend came over so they could practice it.

That’s when they discovered that they each had different arrangements of Morning Has Broken in different keys.

They tried merging the two. Silas was playing chords from one version. His friend was playing the melody line from the other.

They decided it wasn’t going to work.

“What are you going to do?” I asked them.

They both just shrugged. “We don’t know.”

Except now, this morning, they’re on the program for a 4-hand rendition of Morning Has Broken and they’ve got nothing.

Silas wanted me to call the school and tell them that they wouldn’t be playing.

I said he’d have to work that out with his teacher. I suggested as he got out of the car to get on the bus that he talk to Mr. P. right away when he got there. I suggested that maybe his friend could play Morning Has Broken on his own, since that’s the only song he knows, and that Silas could offer to play Little Piece (Schumann).

The talent show starts at 9.

Maybe on the last day of school there will have had a lesson after all, about taking some initiative to solve one’s own problems.