Someone found their way to the blog yesterday from a Google search for “jesus I want you.”

It made me wonder what they were really looking for.

  • Did they mean it as a kind of prayer? “Jesus, I want you” … to come into my heart.
  • Did they mean it as a song title for insipid praise music? (C chord) “Jesus, I want you.” (G chord) “Jesus I want you.” (C chord) “Jesus, I want you.”
  • Did they mean it as something said in the throws of a romantic interlude? “Jesus, I want you!” Let’s go to my apartment.
  • Jesus: "I Want You"Or were they looking for the picture I’d attached to a recent post? “Jesus: ‘I want You!’”

I don’t know how the Google algorithm works. No clue. Don’t care. But the search for “jesus i want you” outside of any context is really anyone’s guess. Even Google’s.

That’s why you get a few million results from Google no matter what you search for. And, if you put enough context into that Google (or Bing or Yahoo) search bar, even the vast reaches of the internet indexers often turns up nothing.

Google knows everything, but Google doesn’t know anything.

Information is easy. Context is harder. Meaning – even Google can’t provide that.

There are no shortcuts. To figure that out, you have to live.