With the coming of WP 5.0 and Gutenberg, and my new focus on moving in directions other than WordPress, it’s time to finally put the Arras WordPress theme to bed.

I realize that I did this once before, and then thought that I might resume. This time, however, the decision is certainly final.

To those who have been waiting for further updates, my apologies. You are welcome to fork the source code and attempt to continue on your own. That said, my recommendation to Arras users is to find an up-to-date, reliable theme that will serve you better into the future. There are plenty of them out there.

From JB:

Hey Caspar,

I still use a child theme of Arras! With an amount of custom CSS and PHP that I’d qualify of “fair”.
I’ve been reading your comments about Gutenberg, to which I’ve not upgraded yet. It looks like a big change.
What would you recommend for an almost-read-only site  (no new posts)?  Trying to make Arras work with WP 5.0 to display content correctly, or  completely switching theme to a Gutenberg-compatible and benefit from  the future WP upgrades?
- Thanks


Hi JB,

If you install/activate the Classic Editor plugin or the Disable Gutenberg plugin before updating to WP 5.0, you should be ok. Either of these  will keep any new content (or new saves of old content) from being  Gutenized, and Arras should work the same as with WP 4.8.x. Where Arras  is most likely to break, specifically, is with new content made with the  various new “blocks” that Gutenberg generates. Arras has no styling  available for those, but there again, if you’re comfortable adding  styles to handle whatever blocks you may add, you can add those to the  custom CSS you’ve already got.

That said, my recommendation for  the long term is to move to a theme that is actively maintained and that  is going to commit to WP 5+ compatibility.