Having your website has been hacked is scary. I’ve been asked to fix a few in my day. Most of the time, the hack came from not keeping site software up to date.

So for Halloween, I’m recommending this article to all my friends with WordPress sites. Even better, the name of the company I’m sending you to for these tips is — get ready for it — “Delicious Brains”. How zombie apocalypse is that!

There are a lot of people who want to sell a lot of security stuff. Sometimes, the products they recommend are themselves on the smarmy (spooky) side.

Despite the name, the folks at Delicious Brains are rock solid folks, and they’re not trying to sell you security products — they sell other stuff for developers like me. The basic security stuff outlined in this article will keep you safe from the vast majority of hackers and can be done for free. Most of them are pretty easy. The more technically complicated ones listed are “nice to haves” once the things you can do for yourself at home are taken care of.

Happy Halloween!