Today is Ironman day.

Not the movie Ironman. The Lake Placid Ironman race Ironman. Swim across Mirror Lake a few times. Bicycle 106 miles. Then run a full marathon.

The bicycle course goes past our house. The roads are closed to traffic. So we’re stuck here all day. Last year, the Ironman people left a bag of cookies on our door to say “Thank you with putting up with being under house arrest for the day.”

We make the most of it. Race fans blow air horns and ring cowbells all along the route. We don’t have air horns or cowbells, so we get the pots and pans and wooden spoons out and bang those as the racers go by.

After 9 hours of sitting on the front lawn banging pans, our ears ring. The pots hold up ok, but the wooden spoons are pretty much shot. This is how I get a brand-new set of wooden spoons every year.

In past years, Silas has loved to dress up in costumes to cheer them as they go past. He’s been Santa, various power rangers, ninja turtles. Last year he put on his Ironman (the movie Ironman) costume, which was a big hit. Then he got tired of that, and put on his Tin Man (Wizard of Oz Tin Man). That was also a big hit. Someone must have told someone, because they sent a camera crew out to get some footage of the kid in the costume.

That camera crew came as a surprise. He was a little “creeped out” about it. This year he says he might not dress up. We’ll see.

Because the roads are closed, there’s no church on Ironman Sunday.

The year we got here, Brooke started having church and a picnic on Saturday evening. “You can’t just not have church because they tell you,” she said. And she’s right. You can’t just capitulate to the arbitrary whims of authority.

One of the Ironman racers, down from Quebec, is a regular for the service. He comes with his family. This year his mother brought a blueberry pie.

It’s 8:15 as I write this. The first 5 racers have gone by. A thunderstorm is rolling in, and it’s starting to rain pretty hard. I’m sure there are still people in Lake Placid swimming in the thunderstorm. It’s forecast for scattered thunderstorms all day. They race anyway. Thunder, lightning, hail. Whatever.

You have to be a little crazy to do this race in the first place. I guess the threat of getting struck by lightning just makes you go faster.