My relationship with Facebook has always been rocky. On one hand, in the beginning, it did connect me with a few old friends.

On the other, now that I’m connected with them it’s a time waster. I don’t use it for business. The infinite supply of pictures of cats with bold lettering superimposed over them has worn thin.

Most of the posts on my wall are posts from my wife. I appreciate that she posts things on my wall. At the same time, these are usually things she can tell me face to face. We sleep together every night. Facebook is an unnecessary middle-man in our marital affairs.

I’ve tried quitting Facebook before, so I’m not sure I can pull it off this time either. But it’s time to try again. I’m not going to announce it on Facebook. This is the only place I’m going to say anything about it.

This isn’t about cutting people off, or whining about not enough people paying attention to my Facebook posts. If you want to reach me on social media, I’d love to hear from you. Use Twitter. I’m @i_Caspar.