The thing with writing plugins, or any software, is that once you’ve got the project started things take on a life of their own.

So after yesterday’s little plugin write-up I got to thinking. Having a spot to enter an analytics tracking ID in the customizer is fine. But, really, the customizer is for theme and presentation stuff. What if out there in the world somewhere a theme re-arranges the customizer. That panel might not be available.

The other place to put a setting is on a page in the WordPress admin area. Lots of plugins do this, adding their own settings page. But there’s no use creating a whole new page for one setting. So, I thought, let’s just add it to the general settings page that’s already there?

It didn’t take too much to plop the field in there. So a day later, version 1.0.1. Does the same thing, but now you can add or update the site tracking ID from either place.

Download from Github.