Last year I bought a Magellan GPS for the car. I needed to go to Canada. The Garmin GPS didn’t have a map for Canada, and I couldn’t get a Canadian map to install on it. That’s a different story.

So I went to Walmart. Because in Potsdam, NY Walmart is the only place left to go. That’s another story. And at Walmart the only GPS units with Canadian maps were Magellans.

So I bought it. And it sucked. It got me lost in Ottawa right out of the box. The touch screen sucked. I had to press it 2 or 3 times for each letter I wanted to enter for the destination address. And the map display was clunky, and the colors didn’t work well with my particular version of color-blindness, so I constantly had trouble figuring out what I was looking at. It had no options to change the voice from the pre-programmed robo-woman that it came with.

When I got home, I figured maybe it needed a map update. It came with “free” map updates for life. So I plugged it into my laptop. Nothing. Turns out that, in spite of what the box says, Magellans only really work with Windows, and I have a Mac.

I finally did find a hack to update the map. I forget what I did. But the next time I plugged it into the machine for an update I had to figure it out all over again. This morning, I need to go to Canada. So I plugged it in to update again. Nothing. And I didn’t have time to screw around with it yet again. So I threw it out.

Seems like Magellan GPS is the Walmart of the GPS world. Caveat emptor.