I ordered 2 books today.

  1. The House in the Cerulean Sea, by TJ Klune
  2. King of Scars, by Leigh Bardugo

They were on the Barnes and Noble list of January picks. The first is from the "Speculative Fiction" category, described as a "mash-up of your supernatural, fantastical, magical and futuristic dreams". The second is from the "Young Adult" category, the first in a "duology".

I'm not making resolutions this year. "Read every day," and "Blog every day" never cut it for very long, and then once they've been blown with the first failure, the project is over.

Instead, a few small things to settle into some helpful habits might be in order. I did used to like to read when I was much younger. I think I might still, if I ever got back into the habit. Instead of tackling a list of Pulitzer prize winners, I'm going with something much easier -- I imagine "Speculative Fiction" is kinda-sorta what used to be called "Science Fiction", and a selection for teenagers will make it easier to pick up where I left off. Barnes and Noble made it pretty easy with the buy 1 and get the second at half, plus free shipping, deal.

So none of this is particularly challenging stuff. I'm aiming for easy and enjoyable. My hunch is that easy stuff leads more easily to habit.