In just the past 24 hours, I've had a lot of good help.

Some of it has come from people I know and love the best. That help came in the form of "constructive criticism" which is probably the hardest kind of help to get. At least it is for me. But it was what I needed.

Other help came from someone I hardly know at all. Josh reached out on Twitter to let me know that some pages on this blog weren't loading correctly. I've seen Josh on Twitter before, and read a post or 2 on his site. We've never met in person, but he took the time to send a note. How cool is that?

Some of the help is for things I've paid for. My wife's physical therapist is helping her with knee pain. Helping her, she's helping me. I talked with a customer service rep with a company I do business with. She solved my problem. Those people are getting paid. But that doesn't make their help any less helpful.

Every day, I'm the beneficiary of more help than I realize. Most of it is invisible to me. People who are doing things that make the life I take for granted livable.

I need more help than I'm often aware of. Most of the time it comes without my even asking.

Once in a while, more often than I do, pausing for a breath of gratitude is in order. And then, the kindergarten lesson, "Remember to say thank you."