I was at a meeting yesterday. A company I had been doing some work for was getting ready to launch their new website. It wasn’t a big site. Still, it was $3,000 they were dropping on this project.

“He’s never going to do any updates on this,” one of the execs said of the exec in charge.

“If he doesn’t keep it updated, he’s just asking for it to be hacked,” I said.

“Well,” the other exec said, “there’s no one to do that over there. They’re not going to update it.”

“You need to get a care plan in place, then,” I said.

“There’s no budget for that,” he said.

I just don’t get it. Why would you pay $3,000 for something and then just let it fall apart?

All I can think is they must be rolling in cash. Because when it gets hacked (not if, but when) it’s going to cost them at least another $3000 to put it right again. For the same $3,000 a $75 per month plan would keep their site humming along, attracting new business, safe and sound, for almost three and a half years!

Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Photo credit: Mack Reed