The Hugs for Brady Foundation

Hugs for Brady made headlines last month when NBC’s Today Show featured them in a special segment. They already had an excellent website, designed by one of my strategic partner agencies, Digital Canvas, LLC. (Really, they’re my design wizards, my go-to team for getting a site’s visual presentation just right.)

Hugs for Brady e-commerce

As they were getting ready for their big splash on national TV, they realized that to maximize this rare opportunity they needed a way to “sell” their Brady Buggy Wagons online. Working with Digital Canvas, we did a complete e-commerce integration into their site.

Hugs for Brady Donor DedicationUnlike a standard e-commerce installation — and this is where knowing how the needs of nonprofits differ from other businesses is critical — Hugs for Brady needed their donors to be able to enter customized information that could be used to dedicate their donation to the memory of a loved one, or in honor of a kids-with-cancer hero.

The new e-commerce solution is completely scalable, allowing for more items and types of donations to be added in the future, with all transactions happening online.

Hugs for Brady Signups

Hugs for Brady also realized that they needed a way to allow their supporters to sign up online for events. We worked with them to make this happen, and the Hugs for Brady community’s response has been fantastic!

Hugs for Brady moved their online presence beyond just sharing information, to becoming a hub for community.

Great things are possible when a deep understanding of organizational needs comes together with excellent design and technological know-how.