Ten days ago I spent an hour and a half on the phone with the support people at [huge travel website].

The agent gets high marks for being friendly, polite, trying to do right.

It wasn’t his fault that the airline listed a flight but wouldn’t confirm it.

In the end he passed me off to his supervisor, who told me I’d have to call back in a week to see if anything had changed.

The supervisor gets low marks. I should not have to call back in a week. He should call me with a solution at the soonest possible date. That’s what I’m using [huge travel website] for. Convenience. If I wanted to spend hours on the phone with someone, and putting more items on my to-do list, I’d book directly with the airline.

Yesterday I called back. Again, I was on the phone for an hour and a half. Again the agent gets high marks for being friendly, polite, trying to do the right thing.

It wasn’t her fault that the airline was still listing flights it wouldn’t confirm were actually going to fly.

In the end she passed me off to her supervisor.

Supervisor number two suggested that we try a different airline, which was fine with me. As it turns out, another airline has more convenient flights for $400 less than what we’d paid originally.

I can’t complain about getting a $400 refund. I just wish the first time I called they’d have said, “We’ll fix this,” handed the whole issue to supervisor number 2 and called me back an hour later with the solution.

That would have made [huge travel website] a real stand-out.