I got my first ever email from a headhunter today:

Hi Caspar,

Your background appears to be a solid fit with what we are working on here at [firm name]. We are looking to hire a selection of senior developers for either our Washington, DC / Maryland / Virginia or New York City office locations; we do offer relocation assistance.

At [firm name] we envision and create large bespoke applications for [XyzCorp] development working with modern JavaScript libraries such as backbone/angular as well as technologies including Java and JVM (Scala / Akka, Clojure). As an Agile, Test-driven development, shop we need engineers who are driven by solving business problems and taking on challenges.

If you care to learn more, please contact me or visit our website – I particularly recommend our blogs which give a true flavor of our technical competence, personalities, and the kind of projects we engage in.



I like DC, Maryland, Virginia and New York. I’m probably not as into Java-based technology as she seems to think I am. I did look at their website. Enough to know I wasn’t interested.

I know this sort of thing happens all the time.

It’s just never happened to me.

Until now.