What? It’s not your birthday?

That’s ok. It’s not my birthday either. But it is the birthday for this website, and I hope you’ll join with me in celebration.

It’s a… it’s a… a Website!

The birth of this website comes after a long gestation period, and though it’s not even close to what my wife went through when she was carrying our son (now 11 years old), believe me when I tell you: I’m glad it’s finally here!

I started coding websites in 1998. At the time I was a Pastor in central New York State. The church had a website, but the guy who had put it together was gone and nobody else knew anything about websites. I’d done some programming back in my high school days. I was a physics major in college. I programmed computers to automate lab equipment. I had always kept fiddling around with computers as a hobby. So why not give it a go?

I’ve been building websites ever since. It’s kind of an obcession. Or maybe it’s an addiction. Either way, I must be a little weird.

As I said, I was a pastor. How a physics major got to be a pastor is another story. But as a pastor, I was in charge of a nonprofit organization. I faced the problems leaders of nonprofit organizations face: member participation, fundraising challenges, providing community services, outreach to business and government partners — you name it.

My wife, also, has been the director of several nonprofit organizations over the years: from community associations for the deaf and hard of hearing to state councils on trade policy. And when those organizations needed websites, guess whose name she kept in her Rolodex for that!

My Experience at Your Disposal

The upshot of all this is that now, in 2015, I find myself at the intersection of having years of personal experience in the nonprofit world and a wealth of hands-on experience building websites. I know and live and breathe both of these worlds every day.

So today, with the birth of this website, I’m putting that experience at your disposal.

Here on CASPAR.green, I’m sharing my experience of building websites that work, especially for nonprofits. In 17 years of building nonprofit websites, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve got a pretty solid grasp of what works and what doesn’t.

Websites Should Be Assets, Not Liabilities

The work of your nonprofit is too important for you to go through 17 years of trial and error. That’s why I’m giving my 17 years of experience to you. I don’t want you to have to learn the hard way. I’ve been there. I know the landscape. Now, I’m giving you the map.

I see way too many nonprofits limping along with bad websites, websites that don’t work and use up precious donated dollars with no returns, websites that are damaging their public image. It doesn’t have to be that way.

A website that works is an asset to your nonprofit, and it’s an essential component of any nonprofit organization’s life. Helping you have a website that works is my mission. It’s what gets me into my office every morning.

Happy Birthday!

Photo credit: Bada Bing