For the past few years I've celebrated New Years Eve by reading again Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching.

Every year it speaks to me differently. Last year, my impression was, "As good a “Theory of Everything” as you’ll ever find." I must have been thinking of physics. (I was also reading Feynman at the time.)

This year, I noticed in a new way the observation (maybe it's advice, but it doesn't have to be) on what makes wise government. Perhaps because it's vision is so much in contrast to what we're living through at the moment.

(For future reference, we started the new year in government shutdown. The fabulous leader insists on money for a wall and says the government will stay closed until he gets it.)

Unlike other ancient texts, this one takes only a couple hours to read from start to finish. Part of its wisdom is also its brevity. If you decide to read it (and you'll be glad you did), get the Jonathan Star translation. Of the several I've seen over the years, it's by far the best one.

Happy New Year, and happy reading.