First day of the month.

That means the dogs get their flea treatment (gunk) and heart worm chews.

We got a note from the vet on Friday that the rescue outfit hasn’t paid the bill for Yogi’s annual exam two months ago. The vet was very nice about it:

“Can you please touch base with them regarding the invoice?”

I scanned the invoice and note and we emailed it to the rescue.

Here’s what I suspect. The rescue outfit is on the rocks.

We don’t hear much from them. They talk a good line, but the follow-through is terrible.

Apparently, now they don’t pay their bills.

Not good.

Of course, they mean well. For the dogs.

Can’t say as much about their treatment of their volunteers.

Yogi has been with us in “foster care,” supposedly a 4-8 week commitment, for more than 14 months.