The good parents apply sun screen to their children when they drop them off at the summer rec program.

Frankly, when we were racing to get out the door on time this morning, sun screen simply wasn’t on our radar.

Same with bug spray. All the good parents were spraying their kids down with DDT at drop-off time.

I thought we were doing pretty well to remember to pack his bathing suit a towel and a lunch.

There’s no refrigerator at the rec program, so you have to pack non-perishable sandwiches. We don’t have peanut butter and jelly (because the kid rarely eats it), so all we had for a sandwich was turkey and cheese. No problem. I stashed an ice pack in his lunch box next to the sandwich.

I thought I was doing pretty well to get breakfast together before he left. Two eggs over-easy, turkey-bacon and milk.

Even so, we forgot the sun screen and the DDT.

Turns out, they spent the day at an indoor pool where neither sunscreen nor DDT was really necessary.