I’m at WordCamp Providence today.

I’m learning all kinds of cool stuff. Geek stuff. Maybe I’ll write about it more on iCaspar sometime.

But at one session I learned about sleep science.

Why and how did I learn about sleep at a computer geek conference?

This guy, Clint Warren was talking about all the projects he’s involved with. It seemed like an awful lot of stuff.

I asked him if he ever turns projects down. He said he’s always pushing himself to do more, but that he functions better and can get more done by making sure that he eats right and gets enough sleep.

He sleeps using a sleep induction mat.

I’d never heard of such a thing. I looked it up.

One thing led to another. I’m going to order one of those things.

Short story. Go to WordCamp. Sleep better.

Maybe after I get my sleep induction mat and try it out for a while I’ll let you know how it goes.