Earlier this week the kid spent a half hour on the phone with a girl from school. They each will admit that they’re sweet on each other, but they’re not “boyfriend-girlfriend”. So they say.

Last night just before bedtime she called. They talked for a while (not a half hour this time) and arranged for her to come over after school this afternoon.

So she did.

She was here for several hours. They had a light saber duel. They watched YouTube videos. They played on the new PS4 the kid got for Christmas.

In the middle of all this an old friend of his, also a girl, from Jay called. She wanted to invite him for a weekend visit back to Jay.

The video and the conversation was happening in the open area at the top of the stairs. His mother and I were listening to the whole thing from the living room sofa at the bottom of the stairs.

The sort-of-girlfriend here had a perfectly pleasant conversation with the sort-of-girlfriend there. They talked about their school grades. They are both very nice girls.

This all came on quite suddenly, at least in terms of parental time. The first we had any indication of it was just before Christmas. We sat together on the couch looking at each other, more or less in shock.

Afterwards, we had a little family meeting to debrief. I think we’ll all survive these new developments. But having a teenager is a whole new ballgame.

When he was first born we read all the books on how to raise a kid, covering newborn to around age 5. After that, he was pretty easy most of the time, so we didn’t get any more books. But the teen thing has us wondering if maybe we should go back to the library.

Any recommendations?