That’s what my family calls WordCamp.

It’s a conference, actually many conferences, that are all about WordPress.

I’m at the one in New York City today and tomorrow.

I’d write all about the stuff I’ve heard and learned today, I’m just going to list all the stuff I got from the sponsor tables in the exhibit hall.

  • 5 T-shirts,
  • 2 bottle openers,
  • a beer can insulator-holder,
  • an iPhone battery charger,
  • a pen,
  • a memo book, and
  • lots of stickers

So as you can see, the trip was really worth it, just for the swag.

The award for the best of the T-shirts goes to WP Engine, whose shirt reads:

“I don’t do poison ivy, grizzly bears or moldy tents. I wordcamp.”

Which sums up exactly how I feel about camping.

If you must camp, I highly recommend doing it in a hotel with room service.