I bought a Garmin today.

This morning I took the car to get an oil change, and while I was waiting got to looking at new cars in the dealer showroom.

Ordinarily, I’m not interested in new cars, but today I got to thinking, “It would be nice.” They were all so shiny. They didn’t smell like spilled milk and dead mouse and cat litter (which is what our current car smells like). But, alas, they were $20,000 and up, so I didn’t buy one. Instead, on the way home I bought a Garmin.

I wouldn’t have, except that in our part of the world, cell phone service is unreliable, so you can’t even get GPS on your iPhone. You need a specific GPS device. And our old TomTom has maps so out of date that on our last trip we ended up being routed into fields where (one would guess) roads had once been. The Garmin comes with lifetime map updates (TomTom requires a subscription) that made it way more economical. Plus, Garmin came with maps for Puerto Rico included. (Probably not a critical factor for most people, but we go to PR once a year, so it’s a real bonus for us.)

Garmin over TomTom, hands down.

Plus, it’s way cheaper than a new car.