As I’ve continued to delve into the Ghost CMS, I’ve found there are a few things I miss in addition to those I pointed out in my original review.

  • A media manager. The support forums say this is “in progress”, but currently there is no user mechanism to re-use images or browse images that have already been uploaded to content. If you use an image in a post, then in a later post want to use the same image, you have to upload a fresh copy. I could, maybe as a developer, live with this on a self-hosted installation where I could have direct access to my content on the server where I could see what is uploaded and where, on the GhostPro service, you don’t have access to your installation’s file system. So media management is currently either a royal pain (if you’re a developer with server access) or non-existent (if you’re an end user).
  • Basic form processing. In addition to the lack of comment and discussion noted previously, you also have to rely on 3rd party solutions to implement any kind of forms (like a contact form). To be fair, this is not an issue unique to Ghost. WordPress, for example, requires installation of a forms plugin to handle this. But, unfortunately Ghost has …
  • No capacity for plug-ins. Which means that the only way to implement things that Ghost doesn’t do is through a 3rd party service (or you could develop your own service and run it on a separate server.) You’ll also need to take the lack of extensibility into account in assessing the cost of your site, since you’ll likely have to pay for service subscriptions for the missing functionality or develop your own and host it elsewhere.

While I still like Ghost in general, and I still absolutely love the editor, these 3 things are blockers for me to actually port my own blog to Ghost.