We have a Memorex blu-ray disk player.

A couple weeks ago we put a brand new disk in it, but it wouldn’t play.

We took the disk back for exchange, thinking it was defective. The disk we got on exchange didn’t work either.

That’s when I got suspicious.

I tried upgrading the disk player’s software. It’s supposed to be updatable on-line from it’s wireless connection. The update kept failing.

I googled it. “Memorex blu-ray player won’t play new disks.” That took me to Memorex’s website.

Memorex’s site tells me that digital rights management has changed for new disks, and they’re no longer updating the software on my model.

“Newer disks,” their support site said, “may not be playable.”

“You may want to replace your blu-ray disk player,” their support site said.

Yes. I would very much like to replace my blu ray disk player.

With any brand but Memorex.

It’s a perfectly good player. Except it’s broken. Intentionally. By the people who made it.

Will I buy any Memorex product again ever?

Not likely.