Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

“Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. Use this word as your springboard… write the post in the form of a letter.”

This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds…

The nearest book, sitting on the left corner of my desk this evening is Listening to Your Life, by Frederick Buechner. Here’s page 29:

Book open to page 29. February.Dear Diary,

We found out yesterday that this February will probably be the last time we’ll be spending a week in New York City with teenagers studying at the United Nations during their winter break. Funding for the program is running out next May.

We’ve been going for the last five years. It’s been good. We’ve visited the penguins at the Central Park Zoo every year. We’ve made the obligatory pilgrimage to Toys-R-Us in Time Square as faithfully as any Muslim observes the Hajj. We’ve explored the American Museum of Natural History and the Hayden Planetarium. We’ve always eaten dinner at Darbar on East 46th and never been disappointed. In all, it’s been a good run.

After 2015 we’ll have to find something else to do with that week in February when schools in the northeast are closed. Perhaps we’ll go to Puerto Rico to get a real break from the February’s deep cold and anemic daylight.

Til tomorrow,