Silas told his friend’s grandmother that his favorite thing to do was reading.

She told me this when I went over to pick him up after a get-together with his friend on Wednesday.

“Really?” I said. “Are you sure you’re talking about my kid?”

“That’s what he told me,” she said.

Since then, when Silas has been swooning with boredom, asking “What can I do now?” I’ve been telling him, “Read a book. I hear reading is your favorite thing to do.”

But he refuses to read a book.

I’m beginning to think his real favorite thing to do is to be bored.

My favorite thing to do is code. Reading is a close second. Left to my own devices, you’ll probably find me doing one of those two things.

There are a lot of other things.

Today I fixed the screen door. I made meatloaf for a church supper. I told my kid repeatedly that he should read a book.

You can say what you want about favorite things. I once knew someone who said his favorite thing was French. Ok. But he never did any French. He just talked about French.

Talk is cheap. The real favorite things are the things that you actually do when you’re completely on your own to decide.

So– What’s your favorite thing?