This morning I checked in (something I do once or twice a week) to find the first post on my news feed from someone I didn’t know.

This someone and I have four mutual “friends.”

Apparently that’s enough for Facebook to decide that a status update from someone I don’t know is more interesting or important than all the things they don’t show me from people I do know and want to hear from.

Apparently, Facebook has also decided that companies I’ve never heard of before are now my friends, too. Every third item was an ad.

It was particularly disturbing to me because it implies that they’re showing my stuff, intended for people I know, to who-knows-who.

I know I’m supposed to have privacy settings for these things. But I don’t have time to keep up with all the latest changes Facebook doesn’t tell me about, and adjust my privacy settings accordingly.

You might also say that since I blog, where anyone can see what I write, why should I be so upset that Facebook is showing my stuff to everyone?

But what I write on my blog I write with the expectation that it could be read by anyone. On Facebook there’s the implied expectation that I’m writing for my “social network.” I know there’s that thing about “seven degrees of separation,” but my social network still isn’t the same as “everybody.”

I’ve been on the razor’s edge of dropping Facebook altogether for a while now.

Today I’m tipping ever closer to deleting my account.