I started it on a whim when I got bored with waiting for the Shadowlands expansion World of Warcraft. Another evening of same old had no appeal, and I'd seen several trailers for Eve. It only took an hour to get hooked, and even now that the Shadowlands expansion has come out, I haven't gone back yet. (I will sooner or later. My brother and I play together, and we're coordinating schedules.)

I could probably be flying bigger spaceships after 2 months, but my play-style tends to be slow and meticulous. I want to get to know everything about one part before moving on to the next.

The Christmas and New Years long weekends have allowed some extra time to play.

It's free to try. If you're so inclined, use my Recruit a Friend link, and you'll get a head start (1 million skill points -- points toward doing more stuff in the game off the bat). Full disclosure: my character also gets some other cool stuff when you use the link, but I'm not making any real money. If you like it enough, you can keep playing the limited version for free as long as you want, or if you really like it you can upgrade to the paid, unlimited version.

If you do, send me a message. My in-game character name is Casparius.