I’ve heard from a couple Sunday Epidemic readers that lately their email updates have been going to their spam folders.

I’ve also been reading that this is happening to a lot of blog emails lately, not just mine. That’s not an excuse. It’s just noticing that in the effort to help people weed out spam, things have gotten to the point that email you really do want to get (and not just from me) is getting trashed.

If you’re up to it, may I suggest a better way to get Sunday Epidemic and other blog updates from the web? It’s called RSS.

RSS is not new technology. It’s been around for years. Actually, from pre internet boom days. It’s not slick, which is why most people don’t know about it. But most websites have an RSS feed. It’s just an internal list that gets updated with whatever is most recently posted.

Sunday Epidemic’s RSS feed is here. If you click on that link, your browser will ask you if you want to subscribe to the feed. Say yes. Then every time the feed gets updated, your browser will know about it. If you go to feedly.com you can search for RSS feeds on any site you like, without having to know ahead of time or guess what the RSS feed link is for any given website. Bookmark your feedly page (or download their app) and it will keep all your feeds up to date in one place.

Cool stuff without being complicated. Stay up to date with what you want. Check it when you want. Keep your inbox clean without worrying about the spam filters getting in your way. RSS. That’s R-S-S, pronounced, “Are Ess Ess”.

(There are any number of other RSS “feed readers” besides feedly. You can google feed readers. That just happens to be the one I use and like.)