“The handyman’s secret weapon,” according to Red Green.

I ‘ve used duct tape for all kinds of things over the years, probably not as creatively as Red. But last week I had the opportunity to us it to tape an actual duct.

A piece of clothing had fallen behind the drier and when Brooke pulled the drier out away from the wall, the exhaust vent duct came off the back. We also discovered that whoever had installed it had smashed the flexible duct tube up against the wall, flattening it shut.

(That explained why it took the drier so long to get anything dry. There was no drier exhaust getting out and the vent was plugged full of drier lint from the drier vent to crushed part of the duct. It’s a wonder it hadn’t caught fire.)

A trip to the hardware store, two hours of re-engineering the area behind the laundry and a lot of cussing got it fixed. And in the process, a little duct tape on a real honest duct!

Who knew that was a thing!

And, in case you don’t know about Red Green, enjoy: