Our yard extends a couple blocks down the street toward the village green.

It goes way beyond the house, so it’s not obvious that it’s our yard. Actually most of it is a field. But I mow it near the street to make a little green space.

I also walk the dogs there. So does everyone else. And people let their dogs shit there.

I let our dogs shit there. I try to kick the shit into the weeds. But if it’s a messy one, I wait for it to dry out for a day or two first.

Most people, though, don’t kick the shit.

So I end up kicking a lot more shit than our two dogs are responsible for. And even then, there are always a few that I miss on any given day.

Earlier this week, I was out walking the dogs. The guy who mows the village green was mowing over there as we were walking around. He stopped mowing and got off the tractor to ask me if I let my dogs shit on that strip of grass “over there.”

“Yes,” I said.

He told me that I needed to clean up after my dogs.

Then he mentioned that he’s also the animal control officer.

I told him that I kick the shit into the weeds. I told him that I mow it. I told him that when I mow it I notice a lot of other people use it as a dog shitter and don’t clean up after their dogs, and I’ve thought about putting up signs about kicking shit.

I didn’t tell him that if he wanted to mow my yard for me at town expense I’d consider not letting my dogs shit along there. I probably should have.

Like I said, it’s not obvious that it’s my yard. But it is.