That’s the day Methodists from around the Adirondack district gather at Skye Farm Camp to have lunch and go swimming in Schroon Lake.

Two families from the Wilmington church went along this year, and we had one of Silas’s friends from school. We were probably the most represented church in the district. Brownie points for Brooke!

The highlight of the trip wasn’t the lunch or the swimming. It was the short walk up to an old stone house in the woods. It was probably a sanitarium when it was built. All that’s left is the foundation, the stone walls and several massive fireplaces with their stone chimneys.

The house stands on the edge of a cliff, too. We asked our guides, a teenage boy and his younger brother, what stories the kids at camp told about the house. Several stories make the rounds.

“A man was building the house for his wife, but there was a fire and the project was abandoned.”

“If you look down over the cliff in just the right place, you can see footprints and tracks where someone pushed someone else over in a wheelchair.” (I looked over the cliff, bud didn’t see any evidence of a wheelchair landing.)

Behind the house there was a long pit. I added my own version of the story. It was home to a vampire who had been buried there in his bathtub.

When we got back to the beach people asked how it had been. I told them it really was fun to see the place and to imagine all the illicit activity that had come to pass there over the years.

Maybe next year it will be an official part of District Fun Day.

One can hope.