Yesterday I got most of the lawn mowed.

Then, I stopped the mower to toss a tennis ball back into the neighbors’ yard.

When I got back on the mower, the blades wouldn’t engage. The toggle switch was shot.

I found myself on the horns of a dilemma: To go to the parts store, get a replacement switch, repair the mower and finish the job. Or leave the lawn only partly mowed for another day.

I decided I’d go to the parts store.

When I got there the sign on the door said they were taking a long Memorial Day weekend. They had closed on Thursday. They will reopen Tuesday.

Then, on the way home it started pouring rain. Thunder. Lightning. Small hail. The works.

No more dilemma. The yard is partly mowed and will stay that way until Tuesday afternoon.

No sense letting a faulty mower switch ruin a perfectly good Memorial Day weekend.