I made a deal with my kid the other day.

He wanted to get the Star Wars BattleFront game for the PS4. I wanted him to do something other than play games every waking moment.

The deal was he had to come up with a video that shared something he knew that would be helpful to someone else. It could be any topic he wanted, but it had to be informational and useful in some way. He had to come up with the topic, decide how to present it and record it.

He has a YouTube channel with over 500 subscribers. When the video was made and uploaded, he could download the game.

And, he gets 1 hour of game time per day. If he wants screens, he can produce more videos.

It took him one day to do the video. It was a 15 minute how-to for recording a gameplay video with a picture-in-picture effect. It gets more hits than this blog.

Pretty good deal, I think.