As part of the end-of-year housecleaning I’m working on I’m transitioning as much as possible, away from Google.

The inspiration for this is similar to my leaving Facebook earlier this year: they just collect too much data. Not that I have anything to hide. I search for all kinds of odd stuff. But since they’ve taken “do no evil” out of their company policy my perception is that they’ve been on a slippery slope into the world of stalking.

So, for example, I’ve already switched my default search engine to Duck-Duck-Go, and I’ve minimized my use of Drive and Gmail.

Now it’s time for a few changes to this site (and others that I administer) to move away from Google Analytics, so that I’m not complicit in Google tracking my visitors. Also, I’m going to be transitioning from hosting my videos (the few that I make) from YouTube to Vimeo.

(I expect that Vimeo also does some tracking, but since I’m paying for the service, at least I won’t feel so much like I’m the product rather than the customer.)

I’m also going to be working on bringing all my sites into GDPR compliance over the next couple months.

Some regulation is important. The internet has always been a bit of “wild west”. Nowadays, though, it’s a wild west with several Big Brothers in the mix. One must do what one can to make it hard for them.