Silas has gone camping tonight.

It’s his first real camping trip. He’s with friends out in the wilderness in a tent with a campfire.

It’s an experience he’d never have if it weren’t for friends who camp. God knows, Brooke and I would never volunteer for it.

We went camping once. Someone in Brooke’s church (several assignments back) invited us to spend a few days in their RV at an RV campground in Vermont.

It was awful. I hit my head on a low ceiling in the RV fifteen minutes after we got there. I wanted to go home. I might have cried.

I get that camping in a tent is different. I’ve done that, too. It was once part of my job as a Pastor to take a group of kids camping once every summer. Smelling like smoke and sleeping on hard uneven ground just isn’t fun in my book. Inevitably it rains when I go camping.

I hope Silas is having more fun tonight than I would be having if I were camping. Really, I do.

Because we’re having fun not camping.

Brooke and I saw our first non-animated movie in a movie theater in 11 years. Then we had dinner. It was real nice.

And now I get to go to bed. In a bed.

Can’t beat that.

We have good friends.