It’s a new year (Duh!) and yesterday, after some intense thought about where this blog is going, I’ve changed the title of this blog from iCaspar to “Coolest Dad on the Planet”. This is completely experimental. Defining this project so clearly makes me just a little afraid about whether I can live up to the claim, but the inner resistance I’m feeling about it is probably an indication that this is the right way to go.

As part of this new project, I’m interested in hooking up with other blogger-dads. I’m going to start a new page on the blog with a list of blogging dads. If you’re one of us, drop me a note in the comments and I’ll put you on the list.

Update: After sitting with this for a day, I’ve discovered I’m too attached to the iCaspar thing to let it go as a title, but it’s still mainly the direction I want to go with the blog. Instead, I’ve switched it out for the tagline and changed it up again: “Dad of Awesomeness” is the more commonly used term around the house. And besides, there are lots of other cool dads on the planet. And lots of awesome dads.

Update a year later (Feb, 2016): I’m still doing the Dad of Awesomeness thing. There’s a lot of other stuff Dad stuff is now all in the Dad of Awesomeness section of the blog.