Love Letter from a Jilted Supporter

As I was sitting on a park bench the other day, on the side of the information superhighway, the following scrap of email chanced to blow across the etherial grass. I wonder if it belongs to you?

Dear Communications Director,

I visited your website the other day. I got an email from you because I’ve been a supporter in the past. My name is on your list. Your email was asking me to sign on for a cause near and dear to my heart. I was moved. I said Yes!

I arrived on your campaign landing page. You showed me pictures that touched my heart. You shared a story that gave me hope. This is why I first followed you. This is why I believed in your work. (Truth be told, I still want desperately to believe.) Then you told me to “Click here” to add my name. I did.

I did. I clicked there! And then — nothing.

Nothing happened. I clicked again. Still, nothing happened.

Over and over and over, I clicked that button, and nothing happened. Until on the 12th click I realized that nothing was ever going to happen. The link you gave me, your promise that I could help you change the world — it was all for naught. In that heartbreaking moment I realized: Your link was dead.

I surfed away.

Maybe, if I hear from you again — I know I probably will, because I’m still on your list — maybe I’ll surf by. But I’m not going to get my hopes up. I still believe in your cause. But you left me at the altar once. Your broken link shattered my trust. You poured ice water on the fire of my enthusiasm.

I want desperately to believe that this was all a big mistake, that you didn’t mean to let me down. But you did. And as much as I still believe in your cause, you’re going to have to work very hard to restore my trust.

After what happened, I’m not sure if you’ll even get this — is your website’s contact form broken, too? — or if you do get it whether you’ll read it. I just thought you should know.

With sorrow I am your,

Brokenhearted Supporter

Photo Credit: Cary Bass-Deschenes