Over the past few days, I’ve seen lots of pictures of politicians holding little signs saying, “Bring Back Our Girls.”

As if the bastards who took those children are going to see all the pictures on Facebook and decide that maybe they shouldn’t have done that and bring them all back safe and sound and say, “We’re sorry, we really didn’t mean to take those girls. It was all just a big mistake.”

This is bullshit.

The only people who are looking at those signs are Americans who might vote for politicians who appear sympathetic.

Those girls will not come home until the Marines go into the bush and extract them.

Is there any question that if America had a real interest in protecting Nigerian girls that wouldn’t have already happened?

What if they’d taken an Exxon oil refinery?

The fundamentalists didn’t take an Exxon oil refinery because they know that if they do, within a day or two, they will have personal contact with some Marines.

On most issues I tend toward pacifism.

In this case, I’d much rather see my senators holding signs that say, “I’m voting for the Marines to go get the girls today.”