![Boston Skyline](http://sundayepidemic.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/bostonskyline-e1408813827331-300x224.jpeg)
Boston Skyline from the Media Center at MIT
I’m at WordCamp Boston. We’re on lunch break.

The format for the talks here is 45 minutes plus time for Q & A. That’s twice the time for each as was allowed at the NYC WordCamp a couple weeks ago.

I appreciate the longer format. It’s allowing the speakers to go into far more depth and I’m getting much more from each of them, and all of them so far have been top-notch presentations.

This time, Brooke and Silas were able to travel down to Boston with me. We had a good time exploring Cambridge last night. And no trip with Silas is complete without splashing around in the hotel swimming pool.

They’re spending the day checking out the New England Aquarium while I’m geeking out. They were going to catch a movie at the IMAX theater, too.

We’ll get back together tonight at dinner and head home. We should be back in our own beds at around midnight.

I’ll have more to post on the WordCamp geek stuff on iCaspar next week.