I’m doing a little experiment.

For the next week or so, on days that the post office is open, I’m going to mail someone a book. Who doesn’t love to get a little present in the mail, especially after Christmas when you’re not expecting it. They’re all people I’ve known, and all books I’ve read. I’m not sending packages to congress here — that would be another experiment entirely.

I mailed the first one to Steve and Arlene on Friday.

I have multiple copies of several books. How I came to possess multiple copies is another story, but they’re not doing anyone any good sitting on my shelf collecting dust.

For $3.26 I can send a book with a card tucked into the front cover, and a little hand-written note in the card. I’m trying to match the books to the people I’m sending them to. Who knows if they’ll read the books. It doesn’t matter. The note and the remembering them is at least as important as the book itself. If not for them, it is for me.

I don’t know if I’ll keep it up after these initial extra copies are gone. I have enough books on the shelves that I could probably keep going for a year or two. Like I said, it’s an experiment. The point is, it’s a whimsical way to say, “Hey, you’re fondly remembered.”

You might want to try it sometime. If not with a book, in your own whimsical way.