This morning I’m having breakfast with Don and Mitch.

Both of them have birthdays today. Every year they celebrate their birthdays by taking a few people to breakfast.

This is my year. They’ve invited me for the last three years, but up to now there has always been something else on my calendar keeping me away. This year the calendar was clear.

They invite people to their birthday breakfast who they have reason to believe have some interesting life experiences to share. It’s a little flattering to be counted in that number. It’s also a promising opportunity to meet a few other people who have the capacity to generate some interesting conversation.

As Mitch put it, “We’re not there just to tell off-color jokes. We want to go home with something that will keep us thinking about it for a few weeks.”

Of all the ways to throw a birthday party, this is by far the best one I’ve ever heard.

I just might have to try it myself.