We have a client, a big client, who earlier this week asked us to do a really big web project.

We couldn’t do it. We wanted like crazy to have that business, but to say yes would have landed us in over our heads. We would have been unhappy. Our client, maybe our biggest client, would be unhappy. Bad.

We referred our client to another web development company. We know a few people at the company we referred our client to. They’ll do a great job. Our client will be happy. But it was like watching $100,000 walk out the door.

But it was the right thing to do. As it turns out, the big web development company we referred our big client to was looking for a place to refer some jobs that were too small for them. Guess who’s going to get those referrals. It won’t be $100,000 all in one job. But it could be enough to turn a sleepy little web design shop into a humming business.

And, our client, our big client, is still our friend. It’s good to have big friends.

Always do what’s best for the client.