I went to a barn raising yesterday. We got the whole thing up in two hours, and they even had lunch. It was great.

Only it wasn’t really a barn so much as a glorified tent called a hoop house.

One of our neighbors down the road was having this hoop house delivered from the Cornell Cooperative Extension. She’ll use it for 9 weeks to raise chickens. Then the Cornell guy will come and take it to another farmer somewhere to raise chickens.

She had a guy lined up to help put up the hoop house. At the last minute he bailed.

So with the Cornell guy on the way and due at the farm at 9, she called all the neighbors who would answer the phone at 8:30. I was one of them.

Construction was just getting started when I got there. As it turned out there were plenty of hands. I didn’t have to do much. Hold a rope here. pass out a screw or bracket there.

Since I had a digital camera, I became the project photographer/videographer.

“Like most farmers, I’m not very good at marketing,” she said. “Maybe I can use the pictures to start a Facebook page or a website. People say I should do that.”

The “barn” is up. The chicks are due to arrive on Thursday or Friday.

Maybe in 9 weeks when the chicks are grown, the website will be ready, too.

Although, I’ve seen small websites go up in about the time it takes to raise a hoop house.