Some days are simply bad days.

Things don’t go as planned. Things break. You get interrupted. People you’d rather not talk to get in your face. You feel grouchy for no particular reason, and you’re living under the proverbial rain cloud. Whatever.

On bad days, I try to do as little as possible.

If I’m feeling irritable, the fewer people I interact with, the less they bother me, and the fewer people will have a bad experience of me. I may feel like ruining someone else’s day. They may deserve to have their day ruined. But better someone else ruin it than me. Ruining other people’s days might feel good, but it’s only a momentary reprieve from feeling like crap, and it never helps.

If I’m feeling jinxed, the less I do the less I’ll screw up.

If I can, I take a nap. But some days you have to show up. Just try to close things down as soon as possible. Keep everything to a minimum. If I can, I read something that doesn’t require a lot of concentration, something that isn’t related to any obligation if possible.

Avoid alcohol on down days. Alcohol is a depressant. Things are already depressed on a down day. Don’t make it worse.

Ok. I’m going to go read on the couch now until I fall asleep.